Donald Trump talks against Jeff Bezos and Reporters. Why?

Donald Trump talks against Jeff Bezos and Reporters. Why?

Controversy’s child Donald Trump grabbed headlines recently by talking against Muslims. His Twitter account receives loads of comments against him and his political campaign. But the GOP candidate’s newest targets are reporters and media organizations questioning his political career.

This is not the first time when Trump has picked a fight. The 69-year-old politician and business magnate is well known for his arguments mostly with women, including journalist Megyn Kelly and comedian Rosie O'Donnell. He even talked about Ronda Roussey's recent loss. He said Roussey's loss made him happy.

On Monday, he shifted his focus from women to The Washington Post and CEO of Jeff Bezos. The candidate for President of the United States in the 2016 presidential election started a war against Bezos and The Washington Post on Twitter. Trump posted a number of tweets against the two to show his ire.

In response, The Washington Post said the recent tweets from Trump came out of nowhere. The American daily newspaper reported that there was no real reason behind Trump’s tweets. The former host of ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ didn’t stop here. He called Bezos’ a company ‘that profits very little’.

“Bezos considered the news publication as the billionaire's tax shelter”, Trump said. Bezos has owned the publication since 2013. He also said that the publication is a scam. As Bezos is new to Twitter, he didn’t post anything against the politician, but he may surely want to send Trump to the space.