Researchers suggest ‘golden trio’ to help women achieve orgasm more often

Researchers suggest ‘golden trio’ to help women achieve orgasm more often

Men are luckier than women when it comes to orgasms. In a recent survey, 95 per cent of male participants said they usually or always enjoyed orgasm while getting “sexually intimate” in the past month, but merely 65 per cent of female participants could say the same.

Now, a team of American researchers has suggested three sexual behaviors or “golden trio” that may help women achieve orgasm more often.

The “golden trio” of sexual moves suggested by the researchers includes a mix of genital stimulation, deep kissing and oral sex. The research suggested that the use of these sexual moves by male sex partners can easily boost women’s likelihood of reaching orgasm.

An analysis of data collected through an online survey that gathered responses of more than 52,000 men and women ages 18 to 65 and were in a sexual relationship with a person

The study authors wrote, “Women said they sometimes pretended to orgasm because their men are so goal-directed they won’t stop until a woman climaxes—a less-than-ideal situation for both partners.”

However, those who tried “golden trio” of sexual moves were 20 per cent more likely to report always or usually reaching orgasm during their last lovemaking.

The researchers also found that women who reached orgasm appeared more likely to have longer sessions of sexual intercourse, receive more oral sex, and have greater satisfaction in the relationship.