Heavy Smog covers Beijing, boon for China’s Electric Car Market

Heavy Smog covers Beijing, boon for China’s Electric Car Market

Heavy blanket of smog covered Beijing on Monday and the officials issued orders to stop using vehicles for travelling. Outdoor barbequing was also asked to be stopped. But in between all these problems, the one that is benefiting from smog is the electric car market.

Seeing the high spread of hazardous smog, Beijing issued a first pollution ‘red alert’ on Monday. Officials in order to combat the harmful smog ordered to limit the use of conventional petrol-powered and hybrid cars to alternate days.

Smog was no fun for anyone, but the electric car market in China are the ones that is benefitted the most. People can easily use cars to commuting as they do not emit any pollution, which has prompted a rush of inquiries from would-be buyers, dealers and automakers.

Wang Chao, 26, sizing up electric vehicles at a BYD Co Ltd dealership on Wednesday said, “I'm considering (an electric car) as the new policy means electric cars aren't limited from driving on heavy pollution days while other types are”.

Wang, who runs a Beijing food wholesale business, said in a statement that driving restrictions have prompted them to think for electric cars. The subsidies by government would help them save around 100,000 yuan ($15,560) on a new electric model, which is also the reason that makes them think about buying electric cars.

The subsidies and other government measures have helped boost the sale of pure-electric car sales by nearly five-times to 113,810 across the nation in the first 10 months of the year.

This high increase in the sale of electric cars has put China on track to overtake the United States as the largest market for electric cars this year.