Professor Christine Honored With the Rutherford Medal

Christine Winterbourn

In a recent report, Professor Christine Winterbourn, Otago University pathology department's Director of the Free Radical Research Group, has been honored with New Zealand's top science award, the Rutherford Medal.

Her contribution in the field of medical research has been beyond question, and that's why she has been awarded with the Royal Society of New Zealand medal and $NZ100,000 ($A76, 000) from the government for research in free radical biology.

As the news caught the attention of one and all, the words of appreciation for the Professor are flooding in for the work she has done so far. It has been told that Prof Winterbourn had done exemplary work in the last 40 years, which has paved way for medical research to flourish to others parts of science. It has been known that she was among those researchers who have made significant contribution to prove that cells could produce free radicals. The same underlying theory leads to unravel, the mystery behind cancer, stroke, coronary heart disease and arthritis.

"She is recognised internationally as one of the founders of free radical research in biological systems and a leading world authority in this field", said Royal Society President Garth Carnaby.

It has been further told that the awardee as of now is working on understanding the theory behind antioxidant defense and probing how white blood cells kill bacteria. Furthermore, she has shown huge inclination to understand the involvement of free radical in cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

Besides research work, she has been ardently working as an editor of the Biochemical Journal and is on the editorial board of Free Radical Biology and Medicine. While she has taken this award in her stride well, there are others who are not missing a single chance to praise the hard work of the woman.

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