East Africa Faces Worst Food Crisis

East Africa Faces Worst Food Crisis

In the last 60 years, East Africa has faced the worst food crises as more than 10 million people are facing terrible need of food, clean water and basic sanitation as a result of which, till date, numerous people have lost their lives.

The deadly mixture of harsh drought and a clash in Somalia had naked the situation out of control.

Due to this conflict, many people have already crossed the border searching for food, water and safety. Most of them are in Ethiopia’s refugee camps and their children are malnourished.

The World Bank figures proved that this emergency did not happened overnight as the figures claim that Ethiopia’s population had exceeded to 80 million.

The UN World Food Program (WFP), articulated that the changing weather conditions had made droughts more widespread in the region.

The calamity requires enormous boost up’s from the government as well as from the other countries, so that a lot of livelihoods could be protected.

In Canada, the Humanitarian Coalition initiated a crisis request among its people and said that they might be unconscious of the vastness of the crises but they should immediately understand the need of the hour and come forward to help others.

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