Music Industry’s Another Loss: Legend Victor Ntoni Dies at 65

Music Industry’s Another Loss: Legend Victor Ntoni Dies at 65

We have lost Jazz legendry musician, bassist, composer, singer and arranger Mr. Victor Ntoni. The news of his death has been confirmed by his former wife Ms. Linda Ntoni, reports The Star on Tuesday.

According to the details provided, Mr. Victor suffered a heart attack on Monday morning, which caused his death in the Johannesburg hospital. His death has caused another big loss to the music industry, believe many.

Mr. Victor was 65. Statements coming from his former wife Linda Ntoni have cleared that he had persistent cough for which he was admitted to the hospital on Thursday for observation. Examination and tests confirmed that he had fluid in his lungs for which he was started with the treatment.

He finally collapsed on Monday morning after suffering a heart attack. He was even resuscitated by the team of doctors for 45 minutes but nothing worked out.

Mr. Ntoni was a self-taught bassist, who since his teenage formed a part of the Dollar Brand Trio with the world famous Cape Town pianist Abdullah Ibrahim. He has even worked with a many other musicians like Hugh Masekela and Abigail Khubeka.

He has left behind six children and many grandchildren, The Star reported.

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