Camilla Mberekpe Faced Deliverance from witchcraft

Camilla Mberekpe Faced Deliverance from witchcraft

Reports suggested that popular Nollywood actress Camilla Mberekpe was delivered of a supposed demon that had been upsetting her life and obstructing her success on April 28.

The release of the demon was telecasted on Emmanuel TV. The incidence was and watch over by the Daily Post. It occurred throughout last Sunday service at the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in Nigeria. The proceedings were headed by Prophet T. B. Joshua.

Similar to the Nollywood drama, the demon that obsessed the actress confessed to have been with her since childhood. The actress is popular and is appreciated for her roles as a mother or wicked step-mother.

As per the spirit, that was laughing uncontrollably, the actress came up from deep inside the oceans, from the place where she operates. The spirit said that Camilla wanted to turn into a woman of God and want to give preaching at the festival.

The spirit was asked about her target in the life of the actress. She replied that it wanted to destroy her life as she declined to worship it. It said that she is forever praying but it will at all times ensure that she does not get there.

It said that the actress is unmatchable on the stage, although it has destroyed all that for her as she refused to worship it. It said that it has destroyed her everything finance, home, family, marriage, everything.

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