Humans Too Responsible for Climate Change; Study Says

Humans Too Responsible for Climate Change; Study Says

As disclosed by the state Senate, according to Gov. Jay Inslee's Climate Action bill, it is the impact of greenhouse gas emissions that have lead to such a drastic climate change on the earth. In addition to this, data released by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography this week clearly blames humans once again for influencing the Earth's atmosphere.

There is a monitoring station atop the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii. As per the levels of carbon dioxide recorded at this station, in last 3 to 5 million years, it is for the first time that such high levels of heat-trapping CO2 has been recorded.

During that primitive era, which is also known as the Pliocene Epoch period, the average global temperatures were recorded as 5 to 7 degrees higher than today's temperature. The sea levels too were tens of feet higher. But still the situation was not worsening like that of today. Reason behind this is the accelerating pace with which harmful emissions are being produced today.

Today, every year, the carbon level is increasing by 2 parts per million; this means 100 times faster than it used to grow during the end of the Ice Age.

And if this rate continues to grow in a similar way then over a period of next 25 years, around 450 parts per million carbon emissions would be produced.

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