Dionne Bromfield Sees Amy on Her Own Funeral

Dionne Bromfield Sees Amy on Her Own Funeral

Dionne Bromfield lately reported that she met her dear departed godmother Amy Winehouse. She had come to her as a butterfly.

Bromfield, the 17-year-old singer, had been signed to Lioness Records, Amy's label, in the year 2009. She was of the belief that the singer came at her own funeral in soul. She thought as if the song 'Black Butterfly' was written by her re the 'Back to Black' hitmaker, who passed away at an age of 27 years in 2011.

According to Dionne, Amy's funeral service saw the arrival of the butterfly. The service had then just begun and the butterfly sat on a guest's shoulders for the rest of the time. While the coffin was rolled up by them, the butterfly ran out with it.

It appeared as if Amy had come in the form of the butterfly. And she was there, though she actually was not with everyone else.

The emotional track is considered by Dionne as one amongst her favourites from those written by her. Dionne was inspired by Amy only while her career had started.

''When you hear it you won't even need to know what I have to say about it because it speaks for itself - it's very personal and it's very graphic", in the words of Dionne.

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