Tuere and Short Getting Separate

Tuere and Short Getting Separate

Tuere McCall-Short, Columbus Short's wife for almost nine years, has filed for divorce on Wednesday. A recent report has been claiming that following the same, the "Scandal" star might need to wear his gladiator suit.

Columbus is being called Scandal star for Harrison Wright is portrayed by him on his television show, Scandal.

It has been found that spousal support is being looked for by Tuere. Also, she is seeking Columbus to make payment of her legal fees.

Dancer Tuere and Short were tied together in the year 2005. The petition said their separation date is September 9, 2013. Now, Tuere is asking for their daughter, Ayala's sole legal and physical custody. Ayala is, reportedly, 19 months in age.

For Short, it is his second divorce. His first marriage had ended amid cheating scandal with Britney Spears, the well-known singer-songwriter. The divorce was seen in 2004, when Short had affirmed, "It's true I slept with Britney, but we never had sex because another person was in the room at the time".

He said that Lynne, Britney's mom, did not allow them develop their feelings any more. According to him, Britney was the major reason for the divorce.

The report found that Short now is snowed under by his second divorce.

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