Justin Bieber in High Spirits to Open his Heart to Fans

Justin Bieber in High Spirits to Open his Heart to Fans

The young Canadian actor and pop musician, Justin Bieber, is back in action again, bringing a "heartbreak" song this time. As part of the promotion of his Music Mondays, the star recently released "Heartbreaker"- his latest track.

It has been found that for a period of 10 long weeks, the singer would bring out a new song each and every week for Music Mondays.

According to Bieber, the song is meant for people, who have been through a heart-break. He said the song meant a hell lot to him because he had written the same when he himself was heart-broken. Also, it was really great to share his feelings, especially in the form of a song, with his fans.

The report said the singer-songwriter was proud of his song, which described his own suffering, in the past as well as in the present. His fans could get an insight into his heart.

The song clearly is related to the star's separation with Selena Gomez, his longtime girlfriend. Selena lately had released her duet dubbed "Already Missing You" with Prince Royce.

"Less than 24 hours. Midnight est #MusicMondays #10weeks #heartbreaker r u ready??!! These songs are different. These are my #journals", Bieber tweeted before he released the single.

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