‘Nymphomaniac’ Faces Ban in Turkey for Extensive Nudity

‘Nymphomaniac’ Faces Ban in Turkey for Extensive Nudity

Extensive nudity and no-holds-barred sex scenes in Danish director Lars Von Trier's controversial movie epic Nymphomaniac have led Turkish authorities to ban the movie from showing in the theaters. Last month, the movie was premiered at the Berlin film festival.

The first part of the movies was planned to be screened on 14 March in turkey and the second part on 21 March. It was expected that the movie will be accompanied with a warning against children under 18 years of age watching it.

Turkey's cinema board, however, had some other plans and has banned the movie outright. The board reached at the decision after seeking six votes in favor of the ban and two against on Monday from its members who are representatives from the culture, interior and education ministries.

Cem Erkul, who is Turkey's cinema general director, said the board watched the movie along with a psychologist and a sociologist to figure out if the movie was in line with the rules and regulations of the country to show something on screen that may have string influence on people.

"The board decided to ban the commercial circulation of the movie at theatres because of its explicit sexual scenes. This film is in the porn category. It also depicts extreme violence against women", said Erkul.

Erkul said the movie is not at all appropriate to be shown at theaters in Turkey as most of them are at shopping centers and there are few theaters in Turkey where such films can be screened.

The official said it is normal in a democratic country to face criticism by social media and others over such a measure which has imposed a ban on a movie with too much explicit content. Erkul said Turkey has not entirely banned the movie which would be screened at the Istanbul Film Festival in April.

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